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The best Outsourcing for your business
Telemarketing - Services - BPO
Our reason for being ...
We are a company that provides outsourcing services through contact center technology to the Dominican market. With over 20 years of international experience and a solid track record we can offer our customers excellent results in our service.
We transmit our values ...
Always oriented to service, we have highly trained staff who loves what he does. We value people so our mission is to serve in the best way.
Our services
Back-office complete key on hand!
Optimize your sales
Through our Telemarketing and Telesales strategies, you will get surprising results in your sales.

• Telemarketing • Telesales
• Inboudn Sales • Masive Sales
Optimize your sales
From the creation of preventive sms campaigns to portfolio recovery by qualified advisors, we help you define your strategy and provide the technology and software.  

•  Recovery of Due Payments
 • Preventive Collection Campaigns  
• Recordatorios Multicananl
Optimize your sales
Through a 1800 line you can give 
your customers an excellent quality service. Manage claims and form 
your Help Desk team!
• Administration Lines 1800
• Help Desk Services • Technical Support
• Claims Management
Optimize your sales
Within the call center we help you obtain and schedule appointments for your final customers and your sales advisors.

• Dating Generation • Event Log
 • Automatic Recording Campaigns
Optimize your sales
Never let customer satisfaction 
unattended. Surveys are an excellent mechanism for getting the customer service KPI you are looking for.
• Satisfaction Surveys
 • Taking Orders • Process Control
Optimize your sales
It's simple, the more prospects you have, the greater the probability of generating a sale.

• Lead Generation • Loyalty Campaigns
 • Client Retention
Aspect Solutions
Building exceptional digital experiences
Call Center
Better software =
better customer relationships.
Workforce optimization
Engaged agents.
Happy customers.
Help your customers help
themselves…to great service.
Cloud Infrastructure
The largest hosted multi-channel communications platform in the world.
Customer Outreach
Keep in touch while
staying compliant.
We serve several industries in our market!
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Broker
  • Financial Services / Banking / Cooperatives
  • Tourism
  • Public Services
  • Education
Contact us NOW !
Calle Diagonal B, No 5, Apto 2A, Mirador Norte
Sto. Dgo. - Dominican Republic
MOBILE +1 - 809 - 480 - 0000
OFFICE  +1 - 809 - 373 - 9835
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